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Messerschmitt Bf 109F-2 Friedrich

Bf 109F-2

We're proud to introduce an easy-to-build semi-scale model of this classic WWII fighter for a Speed-400 or Mega 16/15/5 brushless motor.


Courtesy of Air Vectors

While the German Luftwaffe operated many different aircraft during World War II, none were more prominent than the Messerschmitt Bf 109 fighter. A technological marvel when it first flew in 1935, the Bf 109 served on all fronts through the entire war, and was produced in great quantity even as it was becoming increasingly obsolescent relative to Allied fighters.

The "Friedrich" was a second-generation Bf 109, an impressively streamlined aircraft, and in maturity was fast, with a top speed of 628 KPH (390 MPH). It was to be arguably the best of the Bf-109s, and leveled the balance of air power with the RAF Spitfire Mark V, which had been challenging the Emil.

The Kit

Designed by Terry Majewski from scale 3-views and profile illustrations, it is nearly to scale in profile and plan views.

Bf 109 Plan

THIS IS A SHORT KIT. The kit includes plans and building instructions, laser-cut balsa and plywood, and clear plastic canopy material.

Building the Bf 109
Building the Bf 109

You can download a set of markings for a Bf 109F-2 flown by Leutnant Max-Hellmuth Ostermann of 7/JG54, Russian Front, October 1941, a Bf 109F-4/Trop flown by Hans-Joachim Marseille over Africa, or a G-6 fflown by the Finnish Air Force. Print these markings on decal material or peel-n-stick label material.

Here's a look at the Finnish G-6 as modeled by Steve St. Martin:

St. Martin's Bf 109


  • Wingspan: 32"
  • Length: 24.5"
  • Weight RTF: 19-21 oz
  • Wing Area: 168 sq in
  • Airfoil: Clark Y
  • Wing Loading: 17.1 oz / sq ft
  • Recommended Motor: Mega 16/15/5 or /6 brushless
  • Recommended Battery: 8 cell 1100 NiMh
  • Flight Duration: ~ 8 minutes

Flight Report

As of the middle of September 04, Terry has over 75 flights on the prototype. He reports that "this model is a fast and responsive. It is recommened for experienced e-modelers who are comfortable with flying similar aircraft (like the Jim Ryan warbirds). Equipped with the Mega motor it really moves but will fly at 2/3 throttle without any problem. The Clark Y airfoil and washout allows the plane to be slowed downed for an easy belly landing in the grass. The aircraft has proven to be an excellent flyer."

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If you prefer to build from plans, you can purchase the plans directly from TDM Models

Free Downloads

Construction Manual Canopy Pattern
Spinner and Exhaust Detail
Ostermann/JG54 MarkingsOstermann's Bf 109F-2 Marseille's Bf 109 Marseille's Bf 109F-4/Trop
Finnish Bf 109
G-6, Finnish Air Force, 1948

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